This morning while traveling from Chicago to North Carolina my bus was delayed. Airport security took over an hour. My flight was delayed over two hours. Then, it was about a ninety minute drive to my destination. Overall it took me about ten hours to travel what was supposed to take six.

All kinds of hiccups interrupted the day.

But when I saw my mom’s smile and enjoyed her embrace and shared what had been going on in our lives for wayyyy longer than I thought she could stay up, and to hug my father and enjoy his company for even a short period of time, it was all worth it.

Travelling is hard. Delays are annoying. But family is truly a gift that I will cherish even when times are tough. With the impending snow storm I’m just glad to have made it out.

Praise be to God for time to get away from the normal routine of my life and to enjoy the company of those who co-created me and shaped so much of who I am.