It’s 3:30pm and I just remembered I forgot to post yesterday. Today is the 12th day of my attempting to post daily for 100 days. It has definitely been a challenge, but only in the sense that posting from my kindle is difficult, and I didn’t have a computer for the last six days.

I got home last night from visiting my family in North Carolina. I left a rainy 46 degrees to come home to a dry 22 degrees.

I came home to two adorable dogs and a loving husband, to a clean office and a well-planned-out day back from vacation.

I came home to a new facebook layout, three loads of laundry to fold, and mostly melted snow/ice.

I came home to homeade crockpot chili and blueberry beer.

I came home to a new windshield and a messy house.

Things changed while I was away, so in the midst of the unfamiliar, I forgot to post.

So here’s yesterday’s post, to me coming home.