When I was in North Carolina I got my hair cut. Like, three inches, at least. I have curly hair, so it bounces up after getting cut and is super fun/kinky.

Before I left for North Carolina, I had pretty much reached my stress-max. I love my job, and so it’s hard to NOT work. So that means sometimes I don’t really stop. I had been working too much and not resting enough, and even good stress can take its toll on my health.

Returning to work today was easy. You know, sometimes, after being gone for a week, it’s really hard to get back into the rhythm of work, but today was fun.

Taking a few minutes here and there to reflect on the day, I realized that cutting my hair for me was synonymous to getting rid of stress. I had let my hair grow out so long, the longest it’s ever been, not really taking care of it. I had not really been taking good care of my health, either.

So I shared tonight in a meeting that I feel like getting my hair cut was like chopping off the stress. I like the image of that, chopping off stress, cutting it out of my life; developing new habits, healthier habits of caring for myself, my hair, and being more mindful of when stress tries to creep back into my life and disrupt things.

Here’s to chopping off stress (and hair)!