I’m so excited to be participating in the Progressive Youth Ministry Conference in Chicago tomorrow through Friday! I’ve been to several different youth ministry conferences before but all of them operated under the assumptions that everyone worked in a large church and was conservative. For the most part I was able to get something out of them and return to my ministry setting with enthusiasm and renewed passion, but also with extreme disappointment that I had wasted so much money and time to “make the best of it.”

I’m really looking forward to this conference because, for once, it seems like all the workshops and plenaries will be awesome. It’ll be hard to choose which sessions to go to, which I’m super excited about.

It gets lonely in ministry in general, let alone if you have a more progressive theology and actually think about the implications of what you do and say. I over-think everything and care too much, so I find myself writing my own curriculum and developing my own structures and ways of doing things, because everything out there seems to operate in a completely different framework than I do. When I do use established curriculum, I usually have to rewrite it all anyway.

I look forward to gathering with other misfits like me, who struggle on the journey of helping youth experience the gospel of Love in authentic, meaningful ways.

Hoping to not be disappointed…