Taken from my online birthday fundraising page: http://www.razoo.com/story/We-Re-Turning-30

Last year I turned 29. Over the past 29 years I have received so many gifts and wonderful things…most of which, I did not need.

Last summer our children and youth at Northbrook UMC raised money for an organization called charitywater which raises money to provide clean water to people who do not have access. They do a birthday-challenge where they invite people to ask for money for charitywater instead of gifts for their birthday.

I thought it was a great idea and had planned on doing that, until I served at Connections for the Homeless (http://www.cfthinc.org) on MLK Day and heard that they were turning 30 this year, too.

We have several church members who serve faithfully at Connections who have inspired me to give back more to the community. I live half a mile from Connections…these people are my neighbors…whom Jesus has called me to love.

I believe in the work that Connections does to support people who are working to no longer be homeless and to help keep people from becoming homeless.

NO ONE should ever have to worry about having a roof over their head! In the United States, there are more than five times as many vacant homes as there are homeless people.

Join me in celebrating our 30th birthdays…mine and Connections’…by giving to this ministry in lieu of any gifts you would’ve given me. And if you weren’t going to get me a gift, give a donation anyway!

I will personally match the total of gifts received up to $1000 collectively.

For more information about Connections, visit cfthinc.org.