So I have this bad habit of waiting til the end of the day to post…which means that two nights in the past week I resorted to making up poems because I was too tired to post anything more thoughtful. And for some reason yesterday I just forgot.

Day 25, Forgotten.


I had planned on posting about how awesome my youth are for noticing my new haircut, how refreshing it was to spend time with them in the chaos that is Youth Group on Sunday evenings (after not seeing many of them for two or three weeks due to traveling/conference/spring break). I had planned on posting about how tickled I was when a youth noticed my rainbow peace sign magnet was missing from my car, and how much I loved debriefing with them about the prayer stations we experienced last night.

But instead, Jonathan and I watched the latest episode of Revenge, ate Morningstar Black Bean Burgers, drank an Abita Amber and called it a night.

The day itself was amazing. The blog-posting…was forgotten.

Here’s to being a quarter of the way through this 100 day challenge and hope to finish without forgetting any more.