Jonathan and I gave up pizza for Lent. Nothing we have ever given up for Lent has been so memorable, though it doesn’t quite compare (yet) to when we gave up drinking everything except tap water for two weeks for the h2o project.

Why’d we do it? We had resorted to eating pizza two or three times a week. We would be tired and not feel like cooking, or too busy to prepare in advance what we were going to eat, and pizza became the default choice. It got pretty out of hand. Don’t get me wrong, I could probably (have) eat(en) pizza every day, but when we found ourselves eating it two days in a row I knew something had to change. It was affecting our relationship, our energy level, our health, and our bank account.

How has it been, really? It hasn’t been that hard! I mean, I miss eating pizza, but apparently that’s because there’s stuff in it that makes you want more of it. (a friend posted that article on facebook a week ago and I almost cried when I read it.) But not resorting to pizza has forced us to cook more, to plan ahead more, and it really hasn’t been difficult to find alternatives.

How has it changed me? I admit that within a week of not having pizza I felt better. I had more energy, for one. Not resorting to pizza has led to us spending more time together in the kitchen cooking together, or spending more time eating away from technology and really enjoying the food. Because of the increased energy I have been working out more. And because we’ve been making healthier choices all around, I have more confidence and determination…like my mind is clearer and more focused.

It’s been pretty funny too because we’ve hung out with friends over the past few weeks who have wanted to get pizza (because it’s simple and quick) but we’ve had to remind them that we can’t eat it. And they try to talk us out of it, probably only half jokingly. I’ve had church members and family members also say, aw, one meal won’t hurt. At Youth Group the other night I had two youth share about giving up candy and poptarts and how their family and some friends had tried to give them leeway in various circumstances, but they stayed strong and didn’t give in. #soproud But really, What’s up with that? Accountability, people!

We’re past the halfway point…only 19 more days! About a week ago I was ready to stay up til midnight so we could order a pizza on Easter Eve at midnight, but I think we’re going to be okay. I have high hopes for our successful lenten sacrifice. Which is rare, because we are really good at talking each other out of various disciplines.


Did you give up anything for Lent? How is it going?

What do you think about people trying to talk you out of your lenten discipline?