So I saw this picture on pinterest and figured, hey, that might be a fun craft to do with my youth on our upcoming Sabbath retreat! We can play with yarn, get a little messy, and make something fun!

I’m not a very crafty person, you see. I like the idea of DIY projects, but I never seem to make things turn out the way I want.  I really could be one of these people who post on .

But – I thought, hey, might as well try it. We have tons of yarn not being used, just sitting in a box in our craft closet.

So yesterday I tried it. The heavier yarn I used to try to make a bowl was a bit trickier to work with…but really it turned out okay except that I didn’t attach things like I should have to make the bowl.

BUT – then i did the ball, and I think it actually turned out okay! Not-so-craftyDespite having used a rusty-brown (not so pretty) color, I think the ball turned out okay. I was worried I hadn’t watered down the glue enough but it is the right kind of firm.

Either way, I’m happy with my rusty ball! Ha!

I’ll give an update on how the youth do with it after this weekend.


Have I mentioned lately that I love my job?