This week I read the Divergent Trilogy. Three very long books, each one day at a time. Days when I also worked full days and/or cleaned and/or didn’t get much sleep.

Today I finished the third book and we went to see the first movie. We also watched Grimm’s latest Episode and the 2nd Hobbit movie…which we watched the first of last night.

I am all storied out.

I love stories; I love getting lost in the narrative, especially in books where your imagination fills in the blank and creativity is endless. Honestly with all the special effects in movies these days I get lost, confused, and miss details like my brain can’t keep up with what’s going on visually.

After I finished the third book today my whole body felt disoriented. We went for a walk out by the lake, which helped some, but because we continued our journeys in storyland via movies, I find myself again, uncomfortable.

Reminds me of when Tris is in the simulations and she tells herself, “this isn’t real.”

I’m sitting in the living room right now with the window open and there are flocks of Northwestern students walking around without regard to their noise levels. That’s real.

I’m feeling the stinging pain of overeaten fingernails. That’s real.

Tomorrow we are having brunch with some friends, and I know it will jolt be back into reality. Thank God.

I’m done with stories for awhile. I enjoyed the Divergent Triology, but it was a lot to take in all at once.

And, I’m pretty tired from not sleeping much this week.

So there’s my post, five minutes before the deadline. Freestyle with limited editing.

Brought to you by obligation and what little energy I have left.