Within sixty seconds of my first alarm going off this morning, I had two puppies on either side of me, licking me in the face and wanting to snuggle. I giggled, though not audibly (because it was pre-coffee time) and instead of getting up to go to a new workout class I wanted to try out, I stayed in bed and enjoyed an extra half hour of snuggles. And giggled as they soaked up every minute of extra loving with delight.

When I get to church, I normally stop by the administrative assistant’s office and chat/catch up, especially on Mondays. But when I got there this morning, she wasn’t in her office, so I went on to mine and started working on our Good Friday service. She came in almost two hours later, just then realizing that I was in the office. We laughed about it and continued to share joy with one another as we caught up on what happened over the weekend.

I went to lunch with a colleague – one of those colleagues you want to be good friends with, have deep respect for, and could talk forever with. When we were getting ready to leave, she shared that she had told her husband “I could talk with Shannon for three days straight and probably still have things to talk about.” I giggled the whole way back to church, thinking about her and all of my friends/colleagues for whom that is true. It kept me giggling all day.

I walked across the yard to the elementary school and tutored a few fifth grade girls in math. We giggled at the word problems and decided that whoever wants to buy eight bushels of walnuts is crazy.

Then, it started snowing. Not just flurries, but for real snowing. It’s April 14th. I know how tired people up here are of the snow and how angry/frustrated people are with the cold, so I couldn’t help but just laugh. Like, out loud, by myself in my office, as I walked out to my car, as I walked into the grocery store, out loud giggling the whole time, because it’s just funny. We have NO control over the weather, and it’s snowing in the middle of April.  Hahahaha!

I have been on this “do things outside of your comfort zone” kick recently, one of which is posting about experiences in ministry and writing articles to be published. As I was leaving work I got a tweet that Youth Specialties had retweeted my last night’s blog entry. More giggling.

Today has been an awesomely wonderful day. It was by no means perfect and indeed had some frustrating, want-to-question-my-purpose-in-life moments, but I giggled. A lot.

What made you giggle today?