10269546_580474159671_6461424484328880432_n  Yesterday was a lovely Easter day. I didn’t post because I was too much enjoying the day! We had wonderful worship, Sunday school, easter egg hunt, and an awesome Easter Potluck Breakfast. We were about to leave when a good friend/youth parent offered to take a picture of Jonathan and me.

So here it is!

We don’t take pictures that often, of ourselves at least. Mostly because I’m too self conscious of my body and how things look on me and what angle people are using to take the picture.
But this was a special day, so we went for it. So glad we did.

We enjoyed the afternoon with friends at a local brewery and played games until we couldn’t stay up any longer. So thankful my church gives us Easter Monday “off” so we can recuperate from the week. But really, what an amazing week!

I often wonder what makes people want to take family photos on Easter or Christmas; why not Pentecost or Christ the King Sunday or Epiphany? We saw several families taking Easter pictures yesterday, in the church yard, as we passed by parks, etc. What is it about Easter that makes people want to take a picture? Is it the joy of Christ’s resurrection? Is it that everyone is dressed up fancy and you never know when that’s going to happen again? For us, it was a beautiful day, we were filled with excitement because of the success of the morning’s activities, and because someone offered to take one.

I remember every time my family tried to take a picture it was a disaster. Crying, yelling, cussing usually took place, if not the occasional bruise, be it emotional or physical. So much stress to create the perfect family photo. Which is why, after standing “pretty” for a few takes, we also took this one:


Why do you take Easter/Christmas pictures?