I scheduled my youth to participate in the Village Earth/Arbor Day Festival clean-up last weekend. One family showed up. We had SO MUCH FUN cleaning up trash along a relatively busy street on the edge of the Village. (we even wrote a song about it.) We filled four huge trash bags and returned victorious. (Part of the clean-up involved looking for a plaque. If you found the plaque, you were to return it to enter into a drawing for a free tree.)

ImageWe found the plaque…and won the tree! It is a magnolia star tree; looking something like this.

We are all so excited and can’t wait to plant it somewhere on the church property. I’ll update with a picture once we plant it.


It was pretty chilly Saturday at the Festival…43 degrees; felt like 35. #brrr

Our church had a booth where we were giving away free reusable water bottles (and water) and free light bulbs for people who committed to replacing their old ones with CFLs. It was a pretty fun day overall. One of my youth also performed with her band, which was pretty cool.

Yay Earth Day!