The past several days I have not felt like writing. I really enjoyed the first half of this 100 day challenge but the past few days have been a struggle. It’s day 70, and I’m struggling to stay awake to even write anything worth reviewing to post.

Across our courtyard, neighbors of ours are pounding on drums, strumming guitars, and singing at the top of their lungs, celebrating being done with coursework and soon-to-be-graduating. Jonathan and I are like old fogies who just want peace and quiet. But i’m happy they’re happy.

Tonight we have watched five episodes of Modern Family to catch up since we’ve missed all season.

One of my dogs is barking because someone (undoubtedly from across the courtyard) is running up our stairs to (most likely) get something out of their apartment to take back (probably alcohol).

Times like these I’m thankful our bedroom backs up on the other side of the building and that the sound does not carry.

We found out today that one of our dog’s teeth has rotted and needs to be pulled. $700 is the estimate. The vet bill today was $280 and the other dog needs a teeth cleaning, estimated at $300. I’m still in shock.

I started teaching piano lessons again today; totally enjoying every minute. I’m hoping to pick up a few more students to help pay for our dog’s vet bills. I’m thinking of using the motto “Save the Puppies, Take a lesson.” Kind of kidding.

The transitional homeless shelter I work with is still really needing men’s clothing. It’s heartbreaking to talk with the men who come in and can’t find anything to wear.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be more into writing. For now, I’m more into sleeping.