Yesterday and today I’ve been in a funk. There are a dozen factors (maybe more) that have joined together in concocting this funk phase, but I think I may have, at least momentarily, defeated the funk.

I turned on a fan in my office. It was stuffy.

Last week was abnormal…in a good way, I suppose, but for a person who thrives on routine, I found myself fuzzy and disoriented. Without my usual time in the office, I wasn’t quite myself.

Yet, I came in yesterday to the office (and to a week with barely any meetings and lots of office time) and found myself reacting strangely to the most usual of tasks and requests. I left the office unsatisfied and still in funk phase.

I came in today feeling similar…not wanting to be around people at all, really. But I look back on what I’ve accomplished administratively and I’m pleasantly surprised. Apparently not wanting to face menial tasks right in front of me led me to look more long-term and more clearly map out and detail our summer ministry plans.

And then I walked the labyrinth.

The time I expected to slowly creep by this afternoon seemed to disappear faster than I had the chance to look at my watch.

It’s amazing how transformative spiritual practices are. It’s like working out when you don’t feel like it. It still affects you, still works in ways that you can’t necessarily see.

Praise God for my office fan, for a sweaty labyrinth walk, for long-term perspectives when my short-terms don’t want to work, and for grace which transcends all of it.