I didn’t write yesterday. That’s two days that I’m adding to the end of my 100 day challenge. When I missed a few days earlier on, I made them up the next day, but these, I’m just adding to the end of the 100 days. I am hoping to write more the next few days because I’ll be on vacation. Or, at least, not working. Jonathan and I plan to enjoy a “staycation” around Chicago, going on day trips and enjoying the area that we don’t get to often.

This morning I enjoyed finishing the book Almost Christian by Kenda Creasy Dean. I had a book club meeting today to discuss it and am so thankful for my wonderful colleagues in ministry. They are truly amazing people I’m so thankful to know.

Jonathan and I super-cleaned the house this evening so we could enjoy the weekend in a clean house. (It was a mess.) We both worked really hard for two straight hours and accomplished a LOT. I’m so thankful for a partner who realizes that cleaning the house is both our responsibilities and not just mine.

There is a puppy in our complex who has been whining for the past hour nonstop. I want to go care for it. I’m pretty sure it’s parents left it alone. It sounds so cute.

We’re watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix as we wait for all the laundry to finish.

I love our life.