Jonathan and I went to a colleague’s house tonight to have dinner with her and her partner. It was a wonderful evening of food and conversation…and learning a new game! We got to talking about what we watch on Netflix and what games we like, and they had this game they hadn’t ever really played. It was so much fun! When it was getting late and time for us to leave, I was like, “dang it, I still have to post tonight.” She was like, you can write about this game!Image

You work with a partner/team to create five markers in a row, based on cards you have in your hand. It’s a good mix of offense and defense, and has some twists (think: connect four meets tic tac toe meets uno but with playing cards). It’s simple, yet can be complex if you mix in certain strategies. It’s easy to continue conversation as you play. It’s not too competitive but can be if you are harsh on not letting people replenish their cards later after their turn if they forgot. (I forgot. A LOT.)

I definitely want to add this game to our collection. We’re probably going to make our own board, using various incomplete decks of cards we have, and beer caps as the markers.

We love playing games, so I’m happy we got to learn a new one that we like! Some of our other favorite games are Settlers of Catan, Trailer Park Wars, Carcassonne (which I affectionately call “Casserole”), Sorry, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Scattergories, and the Game of Things.

What are your favorite games to play? What do you like about them?