Jonathan and I were married six years ago today. Last week sometime we googled what the traditional gift is for six years, and found out that one option is candy (the others were iron and wood). Jonathan is a candy-holic. We can’t have it in the house or else he eats it all asap.

We thought it would be fun to go to a candy factory, or at least a candy store. So we went to a Jelly Belly factory (which is really just a warehouse…with a store attached), a Ghiradelli Chocolate Store, and It’s Sugar, a fun candy store in a really nice nearby mall. The Jelly Belly store had a free sample bar, which was super fun. The tour was even kind of fun – we got to ride on a Jelly Belly train and learn about how jelly bellies are made. The chocolate store is at an outlet mall, so we also walked around…which was super awesome because it was a beautiful day…and even though it’s a holiday weekend, it wasn’t horribly crowded. It’s Sugar was a super fun store, with giant boxes of candy and tons of options for bag-filling. We brought home SO MUCH candy. It was funny because it was just hot enough for the candy to possibly melt in the car, so by the time we got to lunch (around 3:30pm, at a brewery), we carried in a bunch of bags of candy with us to make sure they wouldn’t melt. We felt super silly but had so much fun. wpid-img_20140524_193623631_hdr.jpg

This October we will have been together for ten years. It’s crazy to look back at all that has happened since we’ve been together and all the adventures we’ve helped each other though and enjoyed along the way. I cherish each day that I have with him so much that sometimes it stops me from getting (or at least staying) mad or irritated for too long…because I know in the scheme of things, most of what we get mad or irritated about is not really that important.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have found such a wonderful person to share my life with…so early on in our lives. I could never have imagined how much fun I’d have with a partner, or how romantic “silly” could be. I love that our relationship is real…that we communicate, honor and respect each other, and encourage one another to be true to who we are, even if that means something different than what one of us hoped for or wants.

My teeth are already feeling the affects of the candy. It has been an awesome day – probably my favorite anniversary yet. I’m not sure how we’ll make next year’s anniversary gift (wool, copper, or desk sets) as sweet as this one, but I’m sure we’ll find our way.

Praise God for the joy of having someone to spend my life with in such an unexpectedly marvelous way.