wpid-img_20140524_162649860_hdr.jpgOne day of our recent Staycation involved going to a local brewery. While we were there, a couple came in with their baby and their puppy. It was a white curly haired dog, and, as we often do, we squealed in girlish fashion and plotted our stealing of said puppy. To the left is a creepy picture I tried to take of the dog without being too obvious. I failed. Both at the picture taking and at the not being too obvious.

We are stupid for dogs. It’s not that we don’t like babies, but we are like normal people are with babies, but with dogs. We turn into little schoolgirls when we see any kind of dog, really, especially when they’re super cute. I think we’d have ten dogs if we could. Perhaps one day we’ll foster dogs, when we have a yard and a bigger house.

For now, we’re completely happy with our two dogs, Jupiter and Biscuit. It doesn’t matter what I’m feeling…they always know how to make me feel better. Last night when I was feeling a little down, wpid-img_20140525_181312357.jpgBiscuit curled up next to me in the bed and just licked my face, like he knew I just needed a little TLC.

Though Jupiter is 42 pounds (about 10 pounds overweight), he is our lap dog. All he really wants in life is a lap to sit on. He’s our baby. We got him about a week after we got married. Pretty much as soon as we got back from our honeymoon. He’s SO smart. We taught him how to “share” and to “take care of his dog.” He especially knows the wpid-img_20140525_1812525302.jpg.jpegword “move.” And for some reason, he smells like fritos. Like, all the time.

Sometimes I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them. I need to remind myself of this in times like next weekend, when we drive two hours away to take them to the vet and spend $400 on teeth cleaning and extractions (we would be spending $1000 if we did it at their vet here).

Praise God for our furry friends.