Our friend Geoffrey moved to Chicago this week. We moved his stuff in on Tuesday and he’s been unpacking all week. We took him to IKEA today to get some stuff and didn’t really plan out the timing really well. It was about 4:30 when we left IKEA, headed towards downtown Chicago. #badidea

Trwpid-img_20140530_203138193_hdr2.jpg.jpegaffic was horrendous. It took a little over two hours to make a normal-forty minute trek. Before we even left the store we were ready to be DONE.

Yet, even in the stop-and-go traffic, even when people cut in front of us, and when I changed lanes because I thought the other one would be faster but then it slowed down and so I switched back (and forth and back and forth) and whatever lane I was in seemed to stop…..we laughed. We sang to the radio. We admired the beauty of the cityscape. I did have to turn off the radio and do some deep breathing once we got closer to the city. But there was a sense of peace throughout our stressful intense journey in Chicago rush hour traffic. We were together.

We celebrating surviving the trek by going across the street from his apartment to this neat rooftop bar. I took the picture to the left as if I were taking a selfie, but without me in it. I just happened to catch the el train as it was leaving the station. Again, I felt this sense of peace in the midst of others’ rushing.

It was a fabulous day of being together and celebrating Geoffrey living here now. At some point we have to find another way to celebrate because our budget and our calorie counts have to be minded more carefully, but for now…it’s such an awesome thing, to celebrate our best friend being so close.

We’ve been to the city more in the past month than we have probably in our whole two years of living here. And every time it’s constant noise and rushing around. But there’s also a strange peace to it all, at least one thing that stands out to me each time as being an unusual disruption…people sitting on a park bench reading, a glimmer of sunlight that hits the windows in a certain way, a tourist looking up with awe at all the buildings. All while people are rushing about them to get from one place to the next.

Praise be to the One who provides peaceful respite even in the midst of chaos.