Our Youth had a Progressive Dinner tonight. It was pretty fun, especially because we walked and biked from house to house (all within a mile of the church and of each other). Before we left the first house, I asked my youth if they knew anything about the Cold Water Challenge, which some did, and I gave them things to think about for us putting together our own cold water challenge to challenge other youth groups. They brought up some great questions – are we going to each give money to lots of causes or give one big chunk to one cause? should we think about causes that other groups would be interested in as well, to ensure the challenge works? and of course, “do i HAVE to do it?” Haha. I challenged them to only give their money, not their parents’ money, and over half the youth participated.

At the second house while we were waiting for dinner to be ready, we discussed how we would do it, and we did it after dinner. It was super fun. SO glad we did it.


Other than that, there were several times the youth were separated or on their phones. I would encourage them to put their phones away and be with one another, but even at the last house, they were back at it – on their phones. So I pulled out the spoons and the playing cards I had stashed in my bag, and we played a large game of Spoons. It was so crazy fun. We had 17 people playing in the first game. So chaotic and fun. A few rounds in, one of the girls noted, “this feels like we’re a family.” #success

Praise God for cold water and spoons, and for my youth who are such a joy to be with.