I LOVE working out. I love the sweat, I love the challenge, I love the feeling like I’m working towards something (even if that something is soreness). I enjoy lifting weights and experiencing my body’s muscles coming alive. I enjoy walking outside and the elliptical or stationary bike inside…especially the intervals or switching to a different level or direction every few minutes (gives me something to think about while I’m doing it). In high school I worked out all the time and had become strong and probably as fit as I’ll ever be.

Various stresses of life, hormones, and the challenge of task management, among other things over the years have led me to gain eighty pounds since high school. That’s like, one of my youth. (awkward laugh) Even though I have the best body image I’ve ever had, I weigh more than I ever have. I seek to eat healthy and to walk and exercise, and I’ll lose a little, and then gain it all back (and then some). While I enjoy working out once I get started…it’s such a challenge to get going! There are endless excuses!

Today I had planned on going to a morning workout class, but couldn’t quite bring myself to get up. I planned to go this afternoon, and was beginning to talk myself out of going. I was doing a really good job of talking myself out of it, but then the pastor whom I work with came in to my office to ask a question. I told her I was thinking of not going to workout, and she did a little cheerleader dance to encourage me to go. It was enough to push me out of my office and into my workout clothes. I enjoyed a fabulous workout and can’t wait to go back tomorrow morning to my favorite class. I even have a workout buddy scheduled for Wednesday.

Pastors wear many hats. I have quite a few in my wardrobe. But “workout cheerleader” was a new one today, even for me.


What helps get you to the gym or to begin your workout? How do you get past the excuses?