I do not consider myself artsy. Creative, yes. Artsy….well…I have in my head what I want to do, but it never quite comes out that way.

Our church is having a fundraiser next week instead of a Rummage Sale. The way to get people to participate in this Wall of Money is to basically ask, how much is it worth to you to not have to put on the rummage sale (picking up furniture, sorting rummage, tearing down the church to make room for the rummage, etc. etc. ) It is a LOT of work…and our church does it very well. It’s super organized and fun…for most people. For others…well…that’s why we’re asking the question.

So the Wall of Money is a fundraiser I learned about while working at my previous church. We used it as a youth missions fundraiser and raised $2500. You have the children and youth decorate plain envelopes and put them on a bulletin board. People choose an envelope and put that amount of money in it. Yep. That’s it. Some groups I’ve heard of spice it up with various things like, calling it “buying stock” or having a dinner or breakfast for those who contributed. The real kicker is the amount of money you raise. If all 200 envelopes are taken, we will raise $10100. How awesome is that?!

wpid-img_20140603_150248486_hdr.jpgSo my youth and children decorated the numbers in the picture…1 to 150. I put the lower numbers lower so children could access them and be included in the giving. So, we are doing numbers 1-200…which means I had 50 envelopes left to color. Hence the headache. I made it through 170 (and 196-200) when I had to quit. I ran out of ideas. Fortunately, I had a piano lesson to teach, and my student has a little brother…he decorated three envelopes. TOTES ADORBS. Then she, of course, wanted to decorate some, so I gave her five more. Which means I still have 18 envelopes to decorate. Guess it’ll have to wait til tomorrow………..