I learned the best lesson ever from my coloring headache yesterday.


Yep, that’s the lesson. Glitter is SO MUCH MORE FUN than coloring!!!

During our PRIDE group today I brought out the glitter to make the last twentysomething envelopes for our wall of money (see yesterday’s post). The group helped make the last several envelopes and just as we were finishing, the parent of my piano student dropped off the ones she had decorated. It looks fabulous – glitterfabulous!

I hadn’t played with glitter in a LONG time. I think everyone needs to do it at least once a year. I had glitter alllllllllllll over my clothes and at least one point during the group I pranced around the room shaking glitter off my hands over my head as I walked around the room. I feel like I’m going to sweat glitter tomorrow when I’m at spin class. Haha.

Why did I ever think to color the envelopes?

Glitter. That is today’s lesson.

Embrace the messiness of life.