We wake up in the mornings to at least one of our dogs talking to us, beckoning us to wake up and attend to his wants and needs. It’s cute, like, the kind of cute that even if I have NO interest in getting up, I’ll still smile and wake up in a goofy mood. #NoOneElseCanDoThat

We took the dogs in for teeth cleaning…two hours away to save $400…and we’re finally home. Praise God that we missed rush hour traffic and that getting home was quick and relatively painless. Except the whining.

They both have been whining…like, the kind of whining that’s like, “stop what you’re doing now and sit down so I can sit in your lap and have some semblance of normalcy because right now I’m super disoriented and not sure why I feel fuzzy.” It hurts my soul when my babies are in pain. I don’t think there is anything abnormal going on, but it’s still awful to not be able to do anything about it.

Both Jupiter and Biscuit are pretty vocal. Biscuit mostly talks when he wants something (food, outside, attention). Jupiter talks when he’s telling me about his day when I come home from work (no joke, he’ll talk for several minutes when I get home, and is even more expressive when I ask him how his day was) or when he’s stressed out (i.e. needing a lap to sit on).

Jonathan just started cooking and they’re both in the kitchen waiting for him to drop something. So I know they’re feeling okay. I’m so thankful for this awesome vet we found…even if it is two hours away. It was so nice when we picked them up and for them to not be whining like they missed us. That’s how we know they’ve been taken care of. A good friend of ours used to watch them and he took better care of them than we did, so when we came home, they weren’t too stressed. That’s how all vets should be.

Praise be to God for our wonderful dogs, a new vet, a fun little day-cation…and that we’re home.