So yesterday would’ve been my 96th post of this 100 day challenge, but I was not in a writing mood and didn’t feel like forcing something. I already had two days to make up, and I’m adding yesterday’s to the make-up list, so that’s (including this post) one more week of posting. Which is pretty convenient since I’ll be beginning Annual Conference next week and probably won’t be able to post much.

The Annual Conference that I’m currently serving in is happening right now. I’m not there because I have to go to my AC next week in North Carolina, so I’m having to prepare to be away for a week.

I enjoy preparing to be away. I’m super productive when I know I need to have things prepared in advance so that when I come back I’m not working too hard to catch up. It’s a great incentive and helps me not to worry when I’m gone.

I’m not sure how often I will post after this 100 day challenge is up. I think I imagined myself posting more ministry-related things rather than status updates or silly stuff…but the pressure of posting every day has been a tough one to manage in that regard.

Have any of you done a 100-day challenge? What did you do? How did it go?

I’m considering doing another challenge after this one is over…maybe starting in July. Any ideas/suggestions?