I leave tomorrow morning to go to North Carolina for a week. I’ll be spending some time with my family, and the rest of the week at Annual Conference at Lake Junaluska. I’m thankful to be able to get away for a week…to see my family and ministry colleagues.  Of everything in North Carolina I miss the mountains the most.

I enjoy traveling…but at the same time, can’t seem to shake this anxiety that I’m going to miss my flight or be at the wrong gate, or that, even though I’ve checked my bag several times, my toiletry bag will be confiscated because I didn’t pack it right. I love once I jetplanefind my gate and can relax and watch people (and yet, still obsessively check the monitors to make sure I’m at the right gate). I watch people rushing to get to their gates and I wonder what type of person waits til the last minute to get to the airport. Even when I’ve tried to be lateR, I still get there super duper early.

I wait…and listen…and watch, wondering what people are listening to, what game people are playing, what book they are reading…what work they are doing on their computer.

People are such interesting creatures to observe. It’s amazing how unique yet how similar we all are. And if we are this complex, this beautiful, this chaotic and unique…then how much more amazing and truly awe-inspiring is our Creator?