Today was the best travel day I have had in a long time. My flight was not delayed. There were these cool charging stations at the seats at my gate. I got to go through expedited security which meant that I did not have to take anything off or out. I got some reading done on the plane and even had time for a short nap. My flight arrived 20 minutes early at my destination. What an awesome gift!

I got to see the glory of the mountains on our way in. My niece and nephew came over and we got to enjoy the glorious sunshine as we played in the pool. I have not seen them in three months. I have not been able to really enjoy the sunshine and what feels like a year.

I got a little burnt but not too bad. I’m exhausted from a long day of traveling and fun times with my family.

Praise be to God for this glorious day and all of the gifts that came with it…the greatest, of course, being love.