“Once upon a time there was a girl with a pink horse.”

As I tucked my four year old niece in tonight she directed the first sentence of my bedtime story.

How does one come up with an appropriate bedtime story for a young one who got scared when her brother simply said the word “pirates?”

The sheets in my parents’ office are beach-themed…So I thought she would feel comforted if she thought about the beach as she fell asleep.

Once upon there was a girl with a pink horse. She and her horse were riding through the forest one day when all of a sudden they weren’t sure where to go. They started to feel afraid when a magical fairy appeared. The magical fairy offered to help and said, “i will take you anywhere you want to go.” So, the girl and her horse decided that they wanted to go to the beach. They lived in a forest and had never seen water before… Except for like a small pond here or there. So the magical fairy took the girl and her pink horse to the beach where they played and played and played all day until it became dark. The girl and her pink horse did not want to go home…So they asked the magical fairy if they could stay at the beach. the magical fairy said, “I’m not sure I can build you a house…but I CAN give you wings so you can fly!” So the magical fairy gave the pink horse wings and the girl with the pink horse flew home. They got up the next morning and flew to the beach and that evening they flew back home. The girl and her pink horse enjoyed the beach every day for the rest of their lives. The end.

When I finished she said, “that was a really good story.” 🙂
Sweet dreams!!