After gaining nine pounds on vacation last week and weighing more than I ever have, I decided my new 100 Day Challenge would be to walk at least two miles every day. My goal is to “be that person who walks five miles a day,” but I’m starting with two since my feet and the areas around them don’t seem to want to jump straight to five a day.

Jonathan and I have also committed to not eating out between this vacation and the next, so from Wednesday of this week until late August, we are not eating (or drinking) “out.” I’m hoping that’ll help with my energy level and with the new walking habit (and, honestly, with our bank account and my waistline).

Wednesday I walked 2.3 miles by myself as I returned our vacation rental car. It was a lovely day, with a high of about 67. It was nice to be able to walk at my own pace and not have the dogs stop every few feet. When I later found out that Jonathan had gone that morning with the dogs, I felt left out, so I asked if we could walk together on Thursday.

Thursday, Friday, and today (Saturday), we walked together at least two miles. 2.15, 2.44, and 3.5 miles, respectively.

Wednesday I had shin splints really bad. Thursday I got a blister on one of my little toes, and yesterday was rough walking with a blister and tight calves.

Today was lovely. This morning we walked about a mile looking for this yard sale we couldn’t ever find. Then I got some new shoes, from Road Runner Sports. My old shoes were Brooks Ravenna 4wpid-img_20140719_171813508.jpg, and I figured out that those would be good by doing my own research about plantar fasciitis pain and arch support. The store manager convinced me to do this foot analysis thing they had me try on the Brooks Ravenna 5 shoe (without me telling them that my previous shoe was the 4). That boosted my confidence a little. I tried on some Sauconys which felt like walking on air, but they didn’t feel as supportive in the arch area so I went with the Brooks.

I’m super excited about this new challenge. I’m not meaning to actually walk 500  miles in 100 days, but I am committed to walking at least two miles a day for the 100 days…hoping that most of that can be outside. I plan on blogging about other things, but I want to keep track of my walking somehow, so I’m going to write about my walking experiences on here, since I already have it set up. Wish me luck!