Sunday Jonathan and I walked 2.55 miles with the dogs, out on the waterfront near Northwestern. It was a beautiful evening, there was a good number of people out but not overwhelming. We took some different turns and ended up in the Greek Row courtyard…and quickly escaped as soon as we could. It was only about 77 degrees but walking wore all of us out, especially the dogs!

Monday morning we got off to a rough start because Jupiter struggles to get moving in the morning. I’m one of those, as soon as I wake up I want to jump out of bed – type people. Jonathan and Jupiter would rather mosey on and take their time, so it was about 7:40 before we really got going (our alarms went off at 7am). We walked to the Baha’i Temple in Wilmette and ended up walking 3.1 miles! Our longest yet, this round of “we’re going to walk every day.” (We used to be better about walking regularly but then stopped for awhile…and now we’re back to it!)

As of Monday morning’s walk we were up to 16.04 miles and I was determined to get us to 20 by Tuesday evening so I can say in our first week of walking we walked 20 miles.  I even wore  my night splint on the foot that was causing the most pain in hopes that I’d be able to  make it to 20 miles.

At first we started out well, no pain, beautiful 72 degree morning…Jupiter being his normal “do I really have to do this AGAIN?” self. I made it about a mile and a half before I started experiencing plantar fasciitis pain and some shin splints. We paused for me to stretch a little and kept going. At about two miles, I couldn’t walk anymore. The pain in my left shin had worked its way up to my calf. I thought I’d need Jonathan to finish the walk without me and come back and pick me up. We were about .7 miles from home. We paused. I stretched some more…prayed and tried not to cry. I hate being defeated.

I got back up, hoping to make it to a bench and begrudgingly submit to my body telling me not to go anymore. When I got up, the pain wasn’t nearly as severe, so I tried walking more slowly and was able to make it home okay. 2.66 miles we ended up walking today. Bringing our total this week to 18.68. Jonathan’s phone is telling him it’s really 18.88, so I missed a .2 somewhere in my record keeping.

It’s difficult to not meet a goal, especially when it feels out of your control. As soon as we got home I googled stretches and what to do for the type of pain I’m having. Rest. Rest, they say. Bah! Who wants to hear that? I have goals; plans; “rest” is a four letter word for me. But, alas, that is what I shall do. Rest, Ice, Stretch. And pray and hope that I can walk again tomorrow.

(though, if you know me at all, you’d know that I still haven’t completely given up on making it to 20 miles today.)