cautionSometimes it hurts more when you slow down. When we were walking regular speed, I could walk beyond the pain I was experiencing, probably because of the adrenaline of accomplishing my goals. But when I slow down, sometimes it seems the pain is magnified and almost unbearable.

I took yesterday off from walking. I missed it so much but I could barely walk around the church as I needed to get materials from various rooms for our Wednesday evening worship. It’s a weird pain I haven’t experienced before, at least not that I can remember. It’s not quite PF pain, it’s up my calf muscle and seems to not be going anywhere.

We walked .9 miles this morning. A very slow .9 miles. One of our dogs, Jupiter, was sore also from walking so much last week, so he was slow going (but got really excited when he saw another dog, which seemed to wake up him a bit). So we enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the block. I’m hoping to walk some more this afternoon/evening with some friends, so I may get to meet my two mile mark for the day, but I know I shouldn’t really overdo it.

I feel so defeated, so soon into what was looking like great progress.