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Hi! I’m Shannon.

I’m somewhat new to this writing a blog thing. I was never good at keeping a regular journal. I usually write about my ministry as a Deacon in the United Methodist Church, but sometimes I’m also inspired to write about other things, or in fits of silliness write about completely random things. My posts from March 5th, 2014 until sometime in July of 2014 were part of a 100 day challenge of writing each day, so most of those posts are random, silly and somewhat rushed.

I have an awesome partner, Jonathan, who is a brilliant Christian Educator/Scholar/Theologian. We have two beautiful BeagaPoos (beagle/poodle mixes), Jupiter and Biscuit, who also often appear in my posts. They are our furry children.

I’ve served in ministry leadership since I was 17 when I got my first job as a pianist for an early service at a small UMC congregation and also helped start a youth praise band. I am an ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church, currently serving as a Youth and Family Outreach Minister. In the UMC, Deacons are a clergy order set apart for specialized ministry in the church and community. My call is largely centered on facilitating a safe space for all to gather and experience God’s love, to explore our faith together, and to co-create the kingdom of God here on earth where the Gospel of Love prevails and all have a place at the table of God’s grace.

my twitter profile: passionate servant of Love; struggling with being an intentional, faithful, & prophetic Christ-follower in a culture of busyness & distractions


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